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Friday, 10 December 2010


To Examiner.

Thankyou very much for looking at my blog and I hope you enjoy it.


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Evaluation - Question 4

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, plannning and evaluation stages?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Evaluation - Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

This the the third question; I presented these as posters. To view larger images click on the link below the images to access them at Glogster.

Concept Feedback

Rough cut Feedback

Final Video Feedback

Ancillary Task Feedback

To get as much feedback as I could I uploaded my video to youtube and used facebook networking site in order to reach the target audience and to be open up the amount of feedback which I am able to collect. Doing this allowed the audience to decide for themselves whether they liked it and I was able to see there opinions.
The feedback which I collected was very constructive and I was able to make changes and adapt my video causing it to get better. I felt that this was important because I am then able to develop it. Collectig feedback at all the stages meant that I was able to keep on track of the things which worked and what didn't. It was key for me to do this during the construction stages so I still had time to be able to make changes.
If I was to re do this project I would look into collecting a wider audience by using more than one type of networking site like myspace or bebo. This would open up my audience feedback and allow others to watch and comment upon it.
I wouldn't make any changes to my video because I feel that my video tells the narrative and expresses the emotion well. But if I was to re do the album cover and magazine ad I would look into more female solo Indie artist so that I could look into more detail for me to collect ideas. For me, this was the hardest stage. There needed to be a link between it all and I found this difficult to do. I looked at many album covers and it was hard for me to picture how I wanted my album to look. Establishing the star and yet keeping to the indie genre was a difficult task but I believe that I accomplished it.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Evaluation - Question 2

How effective is the combination of your media product and ancillary tasks?

Evaluation - Question 2

View more presentations from FrankieCollen.

This is a presentation which links my products together and all in one.
For me, I found this the hardest thing to do because I couldn't imagine it; this made it difficult for me to link it all together. However I managed it and if I was to do this again I would plan in more detail the album cover and the magazine Advertisement. I think that my advertisement is rushed and I think I could have made it better, but thats if I was to re do this project.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Evaluation - Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Friday, 3 December 2010

Magazine Advert

I wanted there to be a clear between the album cover and the poster allowing the audience to see exactly what they will be looking for. But also because I really liked my album cover and I think that its important for there to be a clear link. Further its ideal to have the same marketing technique to allow for the best market and the audience to be reached.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Album Cover & Digipack

Here is my digipack which I what I want my CD to be presented as. This is how I want my star to be presented. Its important to show a link between the video and the album cover. The Video presents the star and that's got to be seen in the digipack. But I want to establish an image because this is her first album. The genre of the music is seen clearly through the digipack and I took the images which I felt represented the genre of music the best. Using the audience off facebook also helped me to choose the images which I have used. Its important for me to collect the opinions of the audience and doing so I have come to these conclusions to create this album.
I chose to call my act Hayleigh because its more suitable to the genre and I choose to call the album to infinity and beyond because I wanted her o passion to achieve to come through but also because I'm using intertexuality and this will draw the audience in because they will understand the link. Using black and white resembles my video but not having her in the middle is also a characteristic of the Indie genre. The position and the shot I used I feel are similar to other solo women Album covers. Using effects also helps me to create a close link between the genre and the colours clearly replicate an Indie genre rather than a R&B artist.
This the inside cover and I choose to add several pictures and using the same background and effect on the pictures to create the link between the cover and the middle. I used many pictures because I want to establish the artist and let the audience see her and the style which she represents. The pictures create character and allow the audience to be attracted to her.
Keeping the link between all the covers I did the same here as previously to keep continuity. I used different pictures which both have clear characteristics of the the Indie genre and they establish an artist and help to draw in the attention of the audience. I have include in small print about rights of copyright and the producer and writer. This is to make it professional with a bar code and a website link to allow the audience to look into her more.